I heart Nations...be informed.

My heart is exploding at the moment and full. I was thinking over the past couple of weeks and dreaming of what I wanted to do with my life. Well here it is...I want to start an organization (or something)

I want to call it...

I <3 Nations…be informed. (still playing with it) – heart going with the verse John 3:30 “He must increase, but I must decrease” hence the < (wink wink).

Anyway to sum it up I want to gather information on some what I think are key organizations within these categories:

Sex Trafficking



Those in Need


Then through a website first inform people, educate them on statistics, culture, stories, the need, opportunities, etc on these topics and link them with organizations. It is about informing people, educating them on what is going on in the world and offering them an opportunity to get involved, support, or go! “Changing the world one heart at a time” In a sense we’re working to inform and help equip others by touching their heart to go and serve those in need. People first need to be informed! (unfortunately most aren’t)

Most people don’t know where to start, where to look, what to do when they get there, etc.

Eventually (long term): open a store (fair trade/coffee shop/clothing/accessories) and majority of profits go to these organizations (others eventually going to support the cost of the store). Then hopefully we'll be able to go around US and World and speak on behalf of them…(far idea, but Big God).

So please join with me in prayer as I am praying through this, seeking wisdom and what the Lord wants me to do with this! However I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! There is nothing greater than serving and being used by the Lord. The organizations and people you encounter on this journey will forever change you. Let's be informed and change the world one <3 at a time.


  1. Go get 'em tiger! So exciting! Let me know how I can help, outside of prayer!


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