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A Treasure...A Pearl...England...

God has changed me through traveling. I have often thought it was the people and it was the cultures that so impacted me and my love for traveling, but I am realizing more and more all of my travels, missions oriented or not have been to grow me closer to the Lord (while often times using the people). Whether it was from one end to the other of the earth and in between...England out of all of these trip has shown me Jesus in a new light and who He is in my life. By His GRACE am I saved and I thank Him for that. He shows me different facets of Himself in each of these places I have traveled. That has been the beauty of my travels. He reveals His character. This time it was His love for us...we so often deny and sin against our Lord yet He chooses to love us still. He showed me how to love and love genuinely.
We had the opportunity to spend time in the schools over there. That in itself was an amazing opportunity and something we would not have been able to do in America. We broke into …

Our Standard!

“The Bible must be our standard.

Whenever we are confronted with

a question about Christian

practice, we must apply the

teaching of the Bible. Sometimes

the Bible will deal with it directly,

and we must go by its direct

teaching. Often the Bible will not

deal with it directly, and then we

must look for general principles to

guide us. It does not matter what

other people think. Their behavior

is not a standard for us. But the

Bible is a standard for us, and it is

by the Bible that we must live”

(J.C. Ryle, Walking with God)

The Word of God is our standard. As I have been sitting in classes this week and processing my time in England, it is the Bible that offers the only Hope that can change a person. God is sufficient and His Word is what guides us in our decisions and daily living.
God only guides or leads His people today:

1. By providence (we know it after the fact) – Proverbs 21:1
2. By Scripture (we can know it before we act) – Psalm 73:24
God is a gracious God who has provided…