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130 Things I Learned from "Attitudes of a Transformed Heart"

“Attitudes of a Transformed Heart” by: Martha Peace

Chapter 1:
• God wants us to have a high and proper view of Him and to bow before Him in complete allegiance. Daniel 1:8
• What matters is that God must give you a new heart and thus the capacity, as well as the desire, to bow before Him. John 14:6
• Through Daniel’s story we see that Daniel was much more concerned about promoting God’s glory than he was in protecting himself. Daniel 2:20-23
• Daniel turned to God for help. Daniel 2:21
• Daniel gave thanks and credit to God whom he called the God the God of my fathers. Daniel 2:45
• Their faith in God was unshakable in spite of the extreme danger. Daniel 3:17
• Even in the midst of fear you defend the Lord and make His name known. Daniel 4:17
• The things of this world will eventually end, but God’s kingdom would endure forever. Daniel 2:44
• Daniel thanked his high and holy God. Daniel 2:23
• Man perverts his concept of God by inventing a god in his mind who is comfortable for him. D…