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We Have A Reason!

I was listening to this song recently and I don't believe I have ever truly grasped what it means to be able to praise the Lord in every season. We have a reason to rejoice no matter and we have a reason to worship! It is in the times of trial and pain that I feel the presence of the Lord the most, but it is my desire to know Him like that no matter the season. When we feel dry, let's hunger still, when we're in pain and feel week, let our faith stand. I pray the Lord puts me through the fire constantly, that I am always being refined and turning to Him! We are co-heirs with Christ, how amazing is that. The part in this song that is my favorite is when they sing the bridge, "All of my life, in every season, I have a reason to sing, I have a reason to worship." Every bit of our life has a reason to worship the Lord and in every season of our life, no matter what. We have a reason to worship Him! Romans 5:20 gives us the proof through His grace and His love for us.…

There's A Hope That Never Fails!

I was reminded the other day of how precious the faith of a child is and how we need that faith in our own lives daily. A friend of mine's son was at church for Easter and asked the teacher about heaven and needed to know right away. The teacher asked why, and he said because if Christ is in my heart, but he is in heaven now "resurrection Sunday", does that mean heaven is in my heart? It was precious and I am sure that I am telling just the basics of the story, but it was so amazing to me! I was then listening to this song in my car and it brought tears to my eyes at how amazing Heaven is and what a precious heart this little boy has, and that I need to have. When we do have Christ in our hearts, we have the ability to experience a little bit of Heaven each day. One of my favorite lines of this song is; there's a hope that never fails. We have a hope that never fails, that is huge! We need to think of Heaven more and who Christ really is and what it means to have Chr…