Battered Feet

This past year and a half that I have been done with college has been a journey of many things! It has not been an easy journey, but one that has grown my walk with the Lord. There are so many details to our individual lives, and there is only one person who could possibly understand it all and know exactly what to do. Christ has been that for me, often times I find that I come to Him at the very last moment when I am falling a part, but I have learned that He is always there beginning to end. It is just our stubbornness and pride that keeps us from turning to Him. There is so much freedom in walking through life with someone else, the very person that created you. I remember sitting one day and thinking about my journey with the Lord and praying through some decisions I have to make and realizing it's a hard journey to walk. There are times when I am worn out and exhausted, my feet are battered and they need a break. Then thinking through Jesus' life, I realized He is the one that heals and cleanses our battered feet, I should always be turning to Him. He did the very thing in service to the disciples by washing their feet, John 13:5. Jesus was serving the disciples in this manner and setting the example of what we are called to do as well. This walk with the Lord is not easy, but it is way better than anything this world offers. It does not even compare!! We are to walk with Jesus and live out the example that He did. He chooses to wash our feet and use us to share His good news with the world and freedom from walking it alone.
"And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!" Romans 10:5
"And let us not grow weary of doing good..." Galatians 6:9a
I love my battered feet because of how much they have brought me to love Jesus! It has brought me to a deeper understanding of Christ's sacrifice, glory, honor and how undeserving I am of His grace. Each person's tells a story and the beauty is that Christ chooses to wash clean anything and everything that is on there, how can we not share that hope with others. We have an amazing gift to be able to share with others and in turn serve and wash their feet as well. It never gets easier, but we grow stronger and it is all for the glory of the Lord and bringing the good news of His Word and salvation to others. Do not lose hope and Jesus as your focus, it is easy to be distracted and give up, but turn to Jesus. He has never left your side!


  1. Hey Tegan! I never knew you had a blog! I just stumbled on it on your facebook-- this post is really good. I'm also a blogger if you ever want to check it out! :-) hope you're doing well!


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