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Maximum Impact by Wayne Mack

Love does not rejoice in personally doing what the Bible would call evil or sin. (Romans 1:32)
Love does not enjoy doing evil to others. It does not enjoy treating others in an unjust fashion - the practice of oppressing others or putting undue pressure on people. It does not make unreasonable demands or engage in the practice of cheating others out of what is rightly theirs. It doesn't make promises that are not kept or fulfilled. Love does not rejoice in gossip or slander.
Love does not rejoice in encouraging others to do what is wrong in the sight of God.
Love does not enjoy watching others do evil. (Romans 1:32)
Love does not get pleasure out of seeing others have evil done to them.
Love does not enjoy exposing the sins and faults of others.
Love does not feel good about making fun of others - about doing what the enemies of Christ did to Him in Luke 22 and Matthew 27.
Love avoids doing what would make others feel uncomfortable or foolish or stupid.
Love is grieved by the wickedness that is going on in the world.
Love is saddened by the violence, cruelty, brutality, and crime that are so prevalent in the world and so freely displayed on television and in movies and books and magazines.
Love avoids being abusive in any way whether it be physical, verbal or emotional.
Love doesn't take pleasure in pronography or sexual immorality.
Loves doesn't engage in practices God condemns.
Loves does not glorify or justify evil, does not make wrong seemright, does not call evil good. (Isaiah 5:20)
Love can say with Job when something unpleasant happens to someone else, "I have not rejoiced at the ruin of him who hated me, or exulted when evil (trouble) overtook him." (Job 31:29)
Love does not hope someone will make a mistake, suffer loss, or fall into sin.

Simon Kistemaker writes, "Love and truth are inseparable partners residing in God himself. God shares those characteristics with His people. He endowed them with love and truth, which, though tainted by sin, are renewed in Christ Jesus through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit."


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