Journey with me...

Thanks so much for tuning in! I decided to start blogging about the journey God has me on. It has been full of adventure, at times frustration, brokenness, praises, thankfulness, hope, and much more! I wanted to be able to share what the Lord is teaching me, bringing me through and realizing I am not alone. It is in the times when I feel like I am in control and can do things on my own that I find myself frustrated, stressed and closed off. It is in Christ that I have found a beautiful freedom even when life is hectic. I wanted a place where I could share my journey and it be an open door to my heart as I walk with Christ. I chose these beautiful church doors as a background not because they represent a church, but because each moment, each day, each week I have begun challenging myself to enter through the doors of Christ's freedom not living in my own little world. There are things that I could not even comprehend of doing, yet He continues to do things beyond my comprehension and that to me is beautiful and brings so much freedom!
"The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.”
~ Flora Whittemore ~

{We have a daily choice to follow Christ or Not}


  1. Tegan! I love your blog already and have already been inspired and challanged by your first entry! You are so amazing and I love that you are letting others share this journey with you. I'm already a follower :) Love you so much and hope to see your beautiful face SOON! :)


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